The Hawaii Lei

Do you know the true meaning of the Hawaiian “lei”?

For you to understand better we will explain to you where it all started. The custom of ‘lei’ was on the first trips made by navigators who made the unforgettable trip between Tahiti and Hawaii sailing in the largest ocean in the world, following only the stars and traveling in sailing canoes.

Local vendors of Leis in 1915 — unknown photographer

Is it pronounced Lei or Leis?

The Hawaiian language has no singular and plural. So, one or many ornaments you will just say “lei”, even if it causes a little discomfort for not pronouncing the plural.

Lei on other occasions:

  • How the lei means a gift is a regular part of any special occasion, such as: birthdays, weddings, and graduations.
  • It is not uncommon for graduate senior students to have a whole bunch of leis around their neck to the point they can no longer see anything else in front of them!
  • At weddings, it is a very special and indispensable item for the couple.



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