The Case for SEO: Is It Still Relevant in 2021?

Hawaii SEO for Real Estate Websites

So, how relevant is SEO in 2021 and ahead?

SEO is a constantly evolving tool as search engines such as Google are regularly tweaking the algorithms that determine your search ranking to improve the search engine’s ability to identify high quality content and the correct websites to deliver to viewers when they are searching for it.

The Benefits of Effective SEO in 2021?

1. More customers on your website

  • Have a section on your website for customer reviews. Customer feedback results in more keywords, which is great for SEO. Customers are also more likely to trust a business/brand that is open about their reviews. ‍

The disadvantages of SEO in 2021?

1. Results will still take time

Why is building your brand so important for SEO in 2021?

Branding should be the foundation of your SEO strategy. It’s no secret that Google loves strong brands so it is important to focus on how having a brand can improve your ranking on Google. But in turn, SEO is an imperative tool in helping you build your brand. It is a good idea to start with a great SEO strategy to help build your brand.

Google Analytics: Business Client in Oahu, Hawaii

What SEO metrics should you consider in 2021?


  • Form submission
  • Online purchase
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Phone call
  • Comment and/or share website content (such as a blog post)

Where is SEO headed from here on?

So, will SEO remain relevant in 2021? Yes, more so than ever!! But you’d be smart to want specifics and the reasoning behind that answer, so here’s where the technology will see the biggest impact moving forward:

Having a solid SEO strategy

Now that you know what the talk with SEO in 2021 will be, it’s time to work on the search rankings of your own website pages and use the current trends to take your website from ghost town to bustling city filled with organic traffic.



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