The Case for SEO: Is It Still Relevant in 2021?

Hawaii SEO for Real Estate Websites

So, how relevant is SEO in 2021 and ahead?

The Benefits of Effective SEO in 2021?

  • Have a contact page with Google Maps embedded in. This works great for local businesses. Before you can rank on Google Maps, be sure you first set up a Google My Business profile.
  • Have a section on your website for customer reviews. Customer feedback results in more keywords, which is great for SEO. Customers are also more likely to trust a business/brand that is open about their reviews. ‍

The disadvantages of SEO in 2021?

Why is building your brand so important for SEO in 2021?

Google Analytics: Business Client in Oahu, Hawaii

What SEO metrics should you consider in 2021?

  • Time spent on the website
  • Form submission
  • Online purchase
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Phone call
  • Comment and/or share website content (such as a blog post)

Where is SEO headed from here on?

Having a solid SEO strategy




“Building the roads to digital destinations.”

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“Building the roads to digital destinations.”

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