The Absolute Guide to Highly Effective Social Media Strategy for Business Visibility in 2020

Social Media Strategy for Business Visibility in Hawaii

What is local marketing exactly?

Local marketing is a strategy that targets prospects and existing customers within a certain radius of the physical location(s) of a business.

Doing the Social Media Thing

Social media is arguably the quickest and most efficient way to connect with local and global shoppers alike. Most social platforms provide plenty of localization options, from setting a location in your profile to tagging the location of each and every post.

  • It helps you connect to your audience
  • It builds brand loyalty. Studies have shown that as much as 40% of Internet users follow the social media accounts of their favorite brands.

Setting Your Goals

The first step that you should take in coming up with your social media strategy is to set your goals. As a basic principle, these goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. These attributes make for great goals that can be understood and tracked with ease. It is also essential to have a strong understanding of what you seek to achieve because your goals will define what kind of strategy you need to formulate. These strategies can be defined as follows:

  • IMPROVED TRAFFIC GENERATION — Some social media strategies are focused on driving traffic to your e-commerce sites. While this may consequently improve your leads and your conversion rates, this strategy is more about being able to refine your social media channels’ ability to push your fans and followers to your site regardless of whether or not they become leads.
  • FORTIFIED CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS — A great way to make use of social media is to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Relationship marketing is an essential modern-day marketing strategy that can be done in many different ways, and social media is one of the effective avenues to do so.
  • EXPANDED LEADS — Some strategies are geared towards improving the leads that you have, and while not all leads become actual customers, this goal can certainly help you achieve that. The idea is to ensure that you have made a first move on potential customers, and when it’s time for you to close the deal, you won’t find it as difficult if you have expertly nurtured your leads.
  • BOOSTED SALES — Of course, a lot of social media goals include boosting your sales. In the end, you hope that all of your efforts ultimately improve your sales, as this is what your business is about. With the right strategies, you can definitely achieve greater sales.

Reviewing The Most Important Metrics

Another essential step in your attempt to come up with your social media strategy is to evaluate your performance. It is important that you take a look back to see what you have done, what worked well, and what didn’t work so well so that you will be better able to hone this year’s strategies to bring about better results.

  • HASHTAGS — A hashtag is a very important element of social media, and its use can show the relative awareness of your brand and your mission or vision. When your customers use your hashtags, this shows how engaged they are with your brand and your message, so it’s a good idea to look into how well your hashtags are performing to help you track your performance.
  • CLICK THROUGH AND BOUNCE RATE — Instead of just looking into the number of clicks that your links get, it is essential that you dig deeper into whether or not these clicks are useful. If your customers do click but then bounce soon after, then these clicks are meaningless. It is important that your clicks are purposeful, and strategies that can earn these types of clicks are essential.
  • POST IMPRESSIONS — Of course, there is an abundance of impressions available on social media, so you need to look into your campaigns’ impressions. An impression is “the number of times a post from your page is displayed. For example, if someone sees a page update in their Facebook newsfeed and then sees that same update when a friend shares it, that would count as 2 impressions.”

Redefining Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

With clear goals and a good look at last year’s performance, you are now ready to come up with your new social media strategy. While specific plans won’t be discussed here, as all businesses have different needs and equally different approaches that can fulfill these needs, we can help you revolutionize the way you craft your social media strategies.

Assign Your Goals to the Right Social Media Channel

You might not be on a lot of social media sites because you want to focus on just one or two, but it is advisable to be on as many as you can. While all social platforms have the potential to help you achieve your social media marketing goals, some of them are more aligned for specific campaigns.

  • INSTAGRAM: Photos, videos, in-photo texts
  • LINKEDIN: Job postings, professional updates, corporate press releases
  • PINTEREST: Infographics, instructions, photos
  • TWITTER: Short texts, links to blogs, polls

Post Content at the Best Time

Make use of available tools that can help you identify the best time to post your social media campaigns. Doing this can boost your strategies’ ability to achieve your desired results.

Having Your Target Audience in Mind

When you are crafting your social media marketing strategy, always keep your target audience in mind.

  • Fixing a non-existent problem.
  • Targeting the wrong market.
  • Incorrect pricing.

Learn from Competitors

Keep your eyes on the competition. Many brands don’t bother doing this, but what they do not realize is that this is a constructive activity that can teach you a lot.

  • What hashtags they are using and how these are working for them. Are their hashtags being used by people? How do they announce these hashtags?
  • Comments left by their audience. Are they getting a lot of positive comments? How are they handling negative comments?

Quality Content Is Always King

For any modern-day digital marketing campaign, excellent and relevant content is critical. You need to come up with winning content that contains your desired message and has the ability to entice your audience to your desired action.

  • EBOOKS OR WHITE PAPERS, which are often used as lead magnets to capture information like a user’s email address.
  • EMAIL NEWSLETTERS, which can build relationships with readers and encourage them to head back to your site.
  • WEBINARS AND OTHER VIDEO CONTENT, which can help you convey your brand personality and increase user engagement.
  • READABLE, which means long enough to be informative but not too long to be a dreadful read.
  • UNDERSTANDABLE, with the use of simple language that does not confuse your readers but easily conveys your message.
  • ACTIONABLE, and geared towards your desired goal.
  • SHAREABLE, maximizing the powers of social media marketing.



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