Reaching Local Consumers When They Are Ready to Buy

What exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a category within search engine optimization (SEO) that aims to improve the visibility of businesses, in a local level, within search engine results. For example, the results from conducting a Google search using a “near me” intended question translates as a consumer who is searching for something within the local environment (e.g. Honolulu) — either that or Google has understood that there were geographic constraints to the custom search.

Why should business owners care about Local SEO?

Did you know that about 50% of all Google searches are local queries? Even if a person conducts a typical daily search, the chances that Google will show a local business nearby as the result is very high.

What benefits do Local SEO bring to the table?

Adding Local SEO to the marketing strategy brings many advantages for small businesses and renders better visibility within Google results pages. The following are among the most important benefits of adopting a local approach to search engine optimization:

How can businesses use Local SEO in Hawaii?

The initial actions you can perform to increase your brand visibility in local search engine results are easier than you might imagine. These are some tips on how to improve your Local SEO:



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