How to Pick the Right SEO Provider

Results speak for themselves

The SEO company is not transparent

  • “As an SEO firm, our efforts on your behalf must remain confidential.”
  • “Oh, tons of things, it would take too long to explain.”
  • “Due to the nature of the industry, we’re not permitted to disclose our practices.”
  1. An SEO audit of your website to ascertain short, medium, and long-term targets
  2. A review of your domain authority and link profile. For example, a list of any sites that link to yours.
  3. Recommendations for how to optimize the content on your website

A guarantee of the number one ranking spot

Emphasis is on rankings

Ask whether you would share the content

“Dirty” links

  • Links from irrelevant websites that are different to the topics on yours. The traffic coming into your site is not high-quality and will not convert.
  • Pages that are written in poor English and contain a lot of advertising.
  • A vast number of links in blog posts, comments, and forums.
  • Links sourced from abroad.


“Building the roads to digital destinations.”

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DEZCOOL Digital Business Solutions

DEZCOOL Digital Business Solutions

“Building the roads to digital destinations.”

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