How to Pick the Right SEO Provider

Results speak for themselves

Any SEO company should be able to provide you with a list of previous successes and references. Those results will include the metrics they deem as being the most important and present a case for why you should invest in their services. Typically, a good SEO company will talk about the revenue they generate from organic traffic, how they use organic keywords, and conversion rates.

The SEO company is not transparent

We all know that SEO is a long-term strategy. You are not going to appear in the first position of search rankings overnight magically. However, an SEO company should be able to explain their methods and practices to show you how it will provide future benefits. The agency needs to show their customers what they are paying for, and you have every right to ask for some deliverables. Such deliverables should be made clear during an initial discovery phase.

  • “Oh, tons of things, it would take too long to explain.”
  • “Due to the nature of the industry, we’re not permitted to disclose our practices.”
  1. A review of your domain authority and link profile. For example, a list of any sites that link to yours.
  2. Recommendations for how to optimize the content on your website

A guarantee of the number one ranking spot

In short, no SEO professional can guarantee that you will rank first in search engine results. Well, in a sense, they can, but they are not clear about what they get ranking in the first position. Many SEO companies will be able to rank for a certain number of keywords that they choose themselves. Those keywords won’t necessarily align with your business but will achieve a number one spot in search results.

Emphasis is on rankings

Ranking at the top of search engine results is excellent, but it only matters if it impacts the bottom line. For example, if you are at the top of Google’s results pages for keywords that have low volumes, low competition, and do not convert, then your SEO strategy has not achieved anything.

Ask whether you would share the content

An SEO company could be writing content that ranks brilliantly in search engine results. However, as traffic hits your site, it does not convert, and you are not getting a substantial return on investment. Have a look at your content and ask yourself whether it is something that you would share on social media. If the answer is no, that is a sure sign that your SEO agency is not creating the right kind of content.

“Dirty” links

Bad SEO companies will drive traffic to your site from other websites with low domain authority. The best way to check is to look at inbound sources in your Google Analytics reporting.

  • Pages that are written in poor English and contain a lot of advertising.
  • A vast number of links in blog posts, comments, and forums.
  • Links sourced from abroad.


SEO is not an instant solution to generate traffic and leads. It is a long-term strategy that you need to work on with a credible SEO company. An agency that guarantees anything different is one that you should be avoiding, as it can take six to twelve months before you get positive results. Before starting with an SEO vendor, have clear objectives, and work on a robust core strategy where both parties understand what the requirements are. The entire SEO process must be transparent if you want to ensure success.



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